SD Airport Hires CNP for Directional Signs
San Diego Airport knows how to direct traffic. It makes sense, therefore, that they should hire CNP..
July 10th, 2011 Read More
Anti-graffiti is nothing new. Graffiti itself has existed since ancient times, with examples dating..
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Public Works Signs on the LA Metro
The Metro Blue Line runs from Downtown LA to Downtown Long Beach. It’s one of the most popular lig..
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News Alert – Signs Still Work
Turns out signs on buildings are still attracting the attention of potential customers. With so man..
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In and Out Burger in Dallas
Hungry burger lovers in the Dallas area flocked to their first-in-the-state In and Out Burger franch..
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World’s Largest Sign Convention
The World’s largest sign convention, The Expo, is coming to Las Vegas later this month. The Inter..
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LA Drops Plans to Tighten Restrictions on Business Signs
LA businesses and the signs industry have won an important fight against harsh restrictions and fine..
April 04th, 2011 Read More
Public Art Fabrication Is Not a Trojan Horse
Everyone is a critic when it comes to public art. But the fabrication of art made for a public spac..
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Jack in the Box Hits Home Run in Angels Stadium
Baseball fans in Anaheim have options beyond hot dogs this season. Jack in the Box, a major supporte..
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Jack in the Box Tries Google Wallet
Jack in the Box, according to is testing out the Google payment system called Google Wall..
December 01st, 2011 Read More
Classic Beauty – Modern Materials
The U.S. Grant Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most di..
September 28th, 2010 Read More
Magic? No. Just the Paint Department.
What do you do when the client requests 300 lb. bronze letters hung from the ceiling? You can eithe..
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Another Bright Idea – Sign Company Uses Green Lighting
As a sign manufacturer, CNP Signs & Graphics has had more than its share of bright ideas over th..
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A Really Green Sign
Folks around the sign business are all a-buzz with the latest green technology keywords: Recycled is..
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Uncertified Sprayers Subject to Fines
ISA (Internation Sign Association) sent out this update that paint sprayers who are not certified, l..
January 18th, 2011 Read More